Timo Granzotti

A Collection of Works

A Handmade MealMuch of our life is spent wearing and using items that come from unknown parts of the world. Our…View Post
New Handles on Forged Knife BladesHere are the knife blades I ordered from Nic Westermann to try out. I wanted to see if there were…View Post
New Handle on a Carving Axe HeadI finally got to carving and fitting handles to some new tools from Nic Westermann, an excellent…View Post
A Secret SpoonThis spoon was part of the 2nd Semi-Annual International Secret Spoon Swap, where people from…View Post
One for MeWith the recent winds and storms, branches have been falling. With a nice piece of spalted Plum, I…View Post
Ladle from a Crooked BranchUsed the last bit of Western Dogwood to make a big ladle. This was a thick branch that had a…View Post
Swedish StyleTwo spoons with a Traditional Swedish influence. Short-handled with simple chip-carving and…View Post
Painted Pair

A pair carved from Western Dogwood, painted with earth pigments and milk paint.
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A Touch of PaintA Spoon painted with red earth pigments and milk paint. This will wear nicely in use. Milk paints…View Post
A Little OneA small spoon that came together quickly at the end of the day. Grape leaves and cluster engraving…View Post
First Bowl Turned on a Spring Pole LatheThis rough bowl was a series of firsts. It was the first time I had turned anything on a pole…View Post
Upcoming batch… Loving this Western Dogwood for carving.
The Maker’s MarkUpdated the look of my mark.View Post
Into ProductionI have decided on the designs that I will begin to put into production. Here is one of my earlier…View Post
ElegantA spoon paying homage to one of my inspirations, Swedish master carver Fritiof Runhall. This one is…View Post